Letter – Why we should vote for Ed Markey for US Senate

To the Editor,

I believe that Edward Markey should be elected on 25 June 2013 to the United States Senate. Reason: Ed Markey works for and supports working people.
I have followed Markey’s voting record and he has been a consistent champion of women’s rights, civil rights and civil liberties. He has consistently supported Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.
He has consistently supported human rights over property rights.
He is a Democrat who has consistently supported the political philosophy of the New Deal, the Fair Deal, the New Frontier and the Great Society.
Ed Markey has enjoyed the support of his constituents in his home district because he has never failed to support the best interests of his base constituency.
Ed Markey supports people who work for a living, people who support their families and people who wonder where we are going with corporate capitalism; banks that are “too big to fail” and financial criminals who are “too big to jail.”
Markey does not support protecting financial scam artists. He supports serious regulation of financial markets and Wall Street banks that care nothing about human welfare, when it might interfere with their belief that “greed is good.”
Wall Street and its local allies do not support Ed Markey.
When I grew up “greed” was considered one of the seven deadly sins. According to the maniacs who have taken over the Republican Party, today “greed” is a virtue. I guess, if you think Ayn Rand is a saint, then it makes sense to call vice a virtue.
Right now we have too many people, who want to work, unable to find decent work. Ed Markey is dedicated to the idea that we can and should put our people, the American people back to work.
Ed Markey supports mass transit, highway and bridge repairs and a serious effort to develop solar power and wind power alternatives to the fossil fuel based energy policy that is polluting our air and dragging us into insane wars in the Middle East region.
Markey’s Republican opponent has no record of public service beyond his military career. He is a multi-millionaire. He will be a Republican stooge for Mitch McConnell in the United States Senate.
I do not see why any honest working person can give a vote to a Republican candidate who will consistently vote for the best interests of the monopoly capitalists.
I urge a vote for Ed Markey on 25 June.

John J. Fitzgerald