Save Awards announced for Longmeadow first responders

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Longmeadow News Editor
LONGMEADOW – Eight first responders and a local dispatcher were recognized recently by the Western Mass. Emergency Medical Services Committee with the “Prehospital Save Award” for their efforts during two separate incidents involving residents who were experiencing life-threatening medical emergencies.
The award, which is presented to a first responder or civilian that is “directly responsible for maintaining or improving a patient’s condition in the prehospital setting,” will include certificates for each individual and a pin for each individual that can be worn with their dress uniforms.
The Save Award recipients are:
• Officer Jeffery Myers (Longmeadow Police)
• Officer Peter McElhiney (Longmeadow Police)
• Officer Mathew Chaplin (Longmeadow Police)
• Capt./EMT John Rigney (Longmeadow Fire)
• Acting Capt./Paramedic Greg Lamb (Longmeadow Fire)
• Firefighter/Paramedic Brian Trotta (Longmeadow Fire)
• Firefighter/Paramedic Jeremy McPherson (Longmeadow Fire)
• Firefighter/Paramedic Carl Viera (Longmeadow Fire)
• Dispatcher Adam Sandler
Longmeadow Fire Chief John Dearborn said the awards represent first responders saving a person’s life during two separate medical emergencies that occurred within the past six months. Due to medical privacy laws, the nature of the emergencies could not be disclosed.
“We do approximately 1,200 calls a year, and a lot of the people we respond to are very sick,” Dearborn said. “Most of the time we are able to improve their condition, and very often we do life-saving actions. These awards are big deals because they are few and far between.”
Dearborn credited the system the town has in place and the ability for dispatchers, firefighters/paramedics and police officers to work together in unison during emergency medical calls.
“We are blessed with an incredibly talented group of police officers, firefighters and dispatchers,” Dearborn said. “The whole system has to work in order for us to be able to help people, and we have one of the best around.”