Longmeadow, Enfield seek agreement on Maple Road improvements

By Chris Maza

LONGMEADOW – The towns of Enfield, Connecticut, and Longmeadow are working on a solution to substandard road conditions on Maple Road.

The section of Maple Road in question is located in Longmeadow and is separate from the main portion of Maple Road. This dirt road is accessed from Shaker Road in Longmeadow and runs behind businesses such as the Mobil station and the Grapevine Pizzeria and Restaurant. It is the primary access to condominiums and homes in Enfield.

Longmeadow’s Acting Town Manager Jay Moynihan explained to the Select Board at their Aug. 19 meeting that Enfield residents approached town officials about addressing deteriorating road conditions and learned the road was in fact located over the border in Longmeadow.

Longmeadow is not currently maintaining the road, Moynihan said.

He and Select Board Chair Marie Angelides met with four representatives from Enfield to discuss the matter.

“All of the residences on that road are in the town of Enfield,” Moynihan said. “So we are looking at that now and developing a plan in response to Enfield. To their credit, the Enfield representatives indicated that they certainly understood that it was Enfield that benefited from the road and the maintenance of the road and they were willing to do some cost-sharing, but we need to understand what it is that exactly, what level we’re bringing it to and making sure that we’re addressing proper issues from a community in what we’re doing and also in issues of public safety.”

Angelides added the conversation was primarily about grating the road and said she observed the poor conditions.

Mark Gold in response to the report said, “It’s interesting that they come to us when they need this but when we come to them about the development of the Mayfield Apartments they told us to pound sand.”

In response, Angelides said Enfield Mayor Michael Ludwick and Town Manager Christopher Bromson were receptive to having an open dialogue about issues that could impact both towns.

“They said, ‘We’re discussing this but there are other things we’d like to put on the table that you’re interested in and looking at a full inter-town or cross-state agreement’ which I thought was really nice to hear.”