Longmeadow to Celebrate Earth Day

LONGMEADOW, MA – On Saturday, April 13 there will be a free paper-shredding event at LHS from 9-11 a.m. The event is open to all area residents with a limit of two blue bins per car.

Also taking place on Saturday, April 13 from 9 a.m. to noon, the Recycling Commission at the Recycling Center on Pondside Road will celebrate 40 years of Longmeadow’s recycling accomplishments and learn about what more we can do. An annual sticker is required to attend.

To celebrate those 40 years and the 49th anniversary of Earth Day, come to the Recycling Center for:

• Refreshments
• Free gift basket raffle
• Lots of Recycling education Information
• Recycling decals for your curbside recycling
• Composting information demo and compost bins for sale
• Re-usable shopping bags donated by Big Y

While you are at the Recycling Center, make sure to check out some other recycling opportunities.

Bring them to the Recycling Center! On average, every American discards about 80 pounds of textiles each year that end up in landfills or incinerators, yet almost 100% of textile waste we throw away is able to be reused, recycled, or re-purposed regardless of its condition.

Did you know that items such as clothes with tears and stains, curtains, throw rugs, old towels, sheets, worn out blankets and bed pillows, stuffed animals, single sneakers, shoes or flip flops, pocketbooks, woolens, stained silks, fabrics, undergarments and yes, old socks are highly desired on the secondary materials recycling market?

Charitable organizations such as Goodwill and Salvation Army collect these textiles. Those items that are not reused in their stores are sorted out for recycling and transferred to textile recovery facilities. Some items are converted into wiping and polishing cloths, some are made into high-quality paper, and others are reprocessed into fibers for upholstery, carpet backing and insulation.

In Longmeadow you can bring your clean and dry textiles to the Recycling Center for the Salvation Army drop box. For more information about textile recycling, go to or contact the DPW at 413-567-3400.

The average American family discards up to 200 pounds of kitchen waste each year. Save money by composting food waste rather than filling up trash bags and bins. Instead of purchasing bagged fertilizers and topsoil every spring, residents can save money and reduce waste by using homemade compost. Compost bins and kitchen scrap buckets are available at a reduced cost ($25 per compost bin) at the Longmeadow DPW. Call 413-567-3400. For a detailed description on composting and a composting brochure, go to

The Town of Longmeadow now has a new roll-off, funded with a grant from the MA Department of Environmental Affairs, which allows you to recycle such items as plastic buckets, plastic lawn furniture, and plastic bins. In addition, plastic garbage cans and recycling bins, as well as automotive plastics (bumpers, grills hubcaps) can be brought to the new Bulky Rigid Plastic roll-off.

Please do not put plastic bags (such as grocery, newspaper bags) or anything in a plastic bag in your curbside recycling bin. They cause damage to the equipment at the recycling facility and can cause the recycled materials to be rejected Clean and empty plastic bags can be recycled at Big Y.

For more information about recycling opportunities in Longmeadow, go to or call the Recycling Commission at 413-567-3400.