Glenmeadow requests trash service

LONGMEADOW – The Select Board is considering a request from Glenmeadow to pick up trash from 39 units there.
Glenmeadow is a condominium retirement community located off Converse Street.
Last year, Glenmeadow requested the town plow the roadway, however, because it is not a public street and there are very specific state laws regarding plowing, that was not possible.
Attorney Jeffrey Roberts represented Glenmeadow during a recent Select Board meeting and said it would cost about $6,100 to add Glenmeadow to the town’s trash pick-up. He also said Glenmeadow and the town use the same hauler and it currently costs Glenmeadow nearly $8,000 for trash removal.
Roberts said because Glenmeadow residents live in individual units and pay taxes like other single family homeowners in town, they are seeking some assistance.
Selectman Mark Gold had several concerns. First, he said, Glenmeadow was built with the understanding its residents would not receive town services beyond emergency services. Second, he said the town recently negotiated its hauling contract and adding Glenmeadow at that time would have been an easier task. Gold also said he did not believe the $6,100 figure included tipping fees.
“We need more data,” Gold said.
Selectman Alex Grant wondered if the town collected trash on other private ways. Town Manager Stephen Crane said there is a distinct difference between a private way maintained by the town for plowing and trash service and the Glenmeadow development. He also said he has tried to work with Glenmeadow on the subject and called the retirement community a “microcosm” of the town, facing the same financial struggles and decisions. However, Crane did not believe collecting Glenmeadow’s trash was in the town’s best interest.
“I don’t support this, not because I don’t want to help,” he said, noting he asked whether or not the villas had tried other options to reduce its trash hauling costs.
Crane said when he asked about Glenmeadow’s procurement services and efforts to reduce costs, he did not receive any indication that there were efforts made.
“If there was, it was not indicated to me,” he said.
Glenmeadow Association’s treasurer said during the meeting that they did work with a management professional and bids were put out whenever possible.
Crane also said he had concerns about the 5,800 households in town absorbing the cost of adding Glenmeadow to its trash hauling contract, if it was even possible to add them.
Roberts estimated it would cost those households another $1.30.
The Board agreed it needed more data before it could make a decision and Selectman Thomas Lachiusa noted that Glenmeadow could put together a presentation at Town Meeting.