Deadline for Solarize Mass Program Approaches

LONGMEADOW, MA – The opportunity to take advantage of the Solarize Mass Program is coming to a close.

Longmeadow Solar Coach Steve Marantz explained the deadline to join the program and benefit from lower costs for residential solar installations is May 31.  Those who arrange a site visit from the installer by May 31, the discounted price will be honored.

Longmeadow Solar Coach Steve Marantz talks to a resident about the program at Long Meddowe Days. (Photo by Chris Maza)

Longmeadow is able to achieve lower prices due to an agreement with Springfield that allowed for bulk purchasing, which drives down costs. Combining with a community of Springfield’s size gave Longmeadow a significantly lower rate than the town could have achieved on its own.

“It’s such a two-fer because it’s such a good thing for the environment and because of the combined program with the bulk purchasing with Springfield and Longmeadow, this price is as good as it’s going to get,” Marantz said. “The added kicker after that is the tax credit, which starts to go away after 2019, so if you live in Longmeadow and you want solar, now is the time to get it. It’s really that simple.”

As of the weekend of May 18, 24 homes had been enrolled in the program and about half of those systems are in the process of being installed.

“The power generation with those with the sun up so far is 200 kilowatts. That’s the equivalent of planting 64,800 trees, taking 558 cars off the road completely, and the actual savings are int he hundreds of thousands of dollars because you’ll have a low or no electric bill or conceivably a negative electric bill,” Marantz said.

Marantz said the expectation was to attract more than 30 households so the final push would be crucial to reach that goal. For more information visit or email