Betsy’s Corner: Springtime Strolls

We went to Manhattan in the Month of May! Our recent trip to New York City took my breath away! The city was alive with blooms and blossoms, from the pink cherry trees, along side graceful magnolias to the tulips and pansies in the center of Park Avenue! My favorite time of year means getting outside in the fresh air without the layers of coats and scarves and mittens that we need for most of the year.

Central Park was full of strollers with nannies, joggers, food vendors, families renting rowboats and people of all ages and sizes breathing deeply in the hot 90-degree day. The smell of fresh cut grass filled the air.

Spring weather turned into a Summer Day! Children played on the Alice in Wonderland sculpture and climbed on the playscapes.

Tourists and visitors flocked to the Bethesda Fountain as they have done for over a century. The next day was bound to be hotter as the tune from the old 1960s song filled my memory banks. “Hot Town, Summer in the City, back of my neck getting dirty and gritty.”

I thought of my new city – Springfield. I wish it could also be a vibrant place to enjoy! Forest Park certainly is alive and flourishing especially on Tuesdays when the Farmer’s Market is open.

Unfortunately, the city streets do not beckon me the way Manhattan neighborhoods do! From the Tribeca Hudson River promenade to Greenwich Village and the Upper West Side along Riverside Drive and West End Avenue, there is always so much to learn about and explore!
Battery Park, Kips Bay, Grammercy Park, and the Upper East Side, each neighborhood is full of history and fascinating architecture.

Ghosts of the past linger in these places.

There are endless cool shops and diverse restaurants. Famous people can be sighted along the streets on a regular basis.

Mick Jagger, Dustin Hoffman, Diana Ross and Paul Simon are just a few of the faces I used to see – and they always startled me!

New York is a destination and it used to be my hometown in the 1980s. The city does have its drawbacks…too many crowds, too much construction, too many high-rises blotting out the sky…but is it the best place to be if you want excitement and adventure in a city environment.

I am a New Yorker at heart and I will always feel the pull back there even though we now call this area home.

The changes happening here in the City of Homes will hopefully be positive when the casino opens. Will MGM still be in charge?

Will someone else own the new casino? The world is constantly changing and evolving, but we come to expect the changes and ride the waves of anticipation. Will we be safe strolling on our city streets?

Here in my new home I walk in the woods if I don’t stroll in Forest Park. Bliss Woods, Turner Park and even walking around the town green taking in the historic homes lining the edges is a walk through time. The more things change, the more things stay the same. Get outside and enjoy the weather.

– By Betsy Huber Port