Betsy’s Corner: Helping Children With Cancer

I want to share with you a FEEL GOOD project that helps others. A group of local volunteers, that I joined, made 32 Elsa wigs as part of the Magic Yarn Project. This week additional wigs were made in the pattern of Rapunzel’s hair. A month ago the Disney character Moana was the design. A total of 90 caps have been created in Longmeadow, so far. These crocheted caps cover the heads of children being treated by chemotherapy and radiation for cancer. This type of inspired volunteerism and crafty creations for cancer children was started in Alaska a few years ago.

You may have seen Jill Stewart, Connie Rappaport and Anne Drapalski on 22News TV show Mass Appeal, interviewed by Sy Becker in January. Embellished crocheted caps are now being made across the country. These homemade wigs for young cancer fighters, called the Magic Yarn Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and your time and donations are welcome. We hope you get involved.

Hair loss and sensitive scalps can be covered with whimsical creations inspired by Disney characters like the Elsa and Moana. Traditional wigs, often worn by adults with hair loss during cancer treatment are often uncomfortable. These crocheted creations offer and inspire playtime imagination for girls and boys. These Magic yarn designs also offer boys scalp covering in designs like Ninja Turtles and Super Power Rangers…..and other movie characters.

Working in small groups of 7-10 people, volunteers meet at a local home and spend usually two hours learning how to braid and arrange designs onto the previously crocheted caps. Attend a workshop, make a yarn wig, donate yarn or do some fundraising for this worthy cause. Please reach out and get involved by contacting

The patterns are fun and sometimes challenging. It is certainly a rewarding project that puts smiles on the volunteers and will bring smiles to children fighting for their young lives! Often scary times can be turned into day dreamy play with these lovingly created wigs. This is a heart-felt project that I recommend very highly. Thanks in advance for showing your support and getting involved.

– By Betsy Huber Port